Pressure Pipe Coating


(Coming Fall 2021)


IPT has spent considerable time reinventing pressure Pipe Coating. In the past companies have introduced systems that rely 100% on technician’s decisions which can cause many issues with Quality Assurance. When coating a pipe IPT breaks the technology into two categories.


  1. Cleaning and surface prep. Surface prep is paramount when coating pipe. Without a proper anchor tooth for the epoxy to bond to your coatings can not withstand the environment they have been applied to. At IPT we control that process by tracking key data points like dewpoint, Temperature, CFM and PSI all play a big part in achieving proper surface prep. Once your technicians understand that these data points are tracked and logged your whole team can review the onsite conditions and ensure that all procedures have been appropriately followed.
  2. Application of the coating. This process is actually second to the surface prep not only in stages but also necessary. The IPT equipment that has been designed for both steps utilizes the same sensors to track the conditions during application of the coating as it does for the surface prep. Again, these data points are logged and tracked to replicate high-quality coating on every project.

By keeping these data logs for every project you can be assured your installation is of the highest quality and is something you can put your name on. At IPT data is king.

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